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History of the TCU

According to the National Education Act B.E. 1999, providing more educational opportunities for Thai people, is an important government policy, widely and equally enhancing knowledge, both in urban and rural areas, regardless of economic status. Creating more educational opportunities will reduce the difference between the knowledge levels of the population. This creates chances for life long learning and the updating of knowledge, and builds a knowledge based society, which will enhance the nation’s competitive capabilities.

The Office of the Commission on Higher Education has been developing and providing these opportunities as follows:

  • Developing the UniNet IT infrastructure, to connect every institution of higher education to the Internet for education and research.
  • Supporting the production of courseware for dissemination via UniNet.
  • Developing the Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Developing the e-library, e-community and the learning resource sharing centre.
Aims of the TCU
  • To assist all the higher education institutes to deliver distance learning via the Internet.
  • To ensure that all online courses are of a high quality and meet government standards.
  • To promote the sharing of teaching resources and human resources.

The TCU will also introduce a credit exchange system between higher education institutions. It is being developed by the Office of Information Technology Administration for Educational Development, part of the Commission on Higher Education, using the UniNet network.

Vision of the TCU

The TCU will be a knowledge and education centre, using UniNet and the latest technologies to provide further education for all, for both formal and informal education. The TCU will increase the number of people who can access higher education, gaining knowledge at their convenience, irrespective of time or location. The courses will meet the educational standards set by an internationally recognised quality guarantee system. A credit exchange system will be created, allowing the credit gained from an online course, to be transferred from one institution to another.

Mission of the TCU
  • To conduct research and development in the use of IT to deliver learning online, using a Learning Management System (LMS), for the Cyber University.
  • To research, develop, discover and use educational innovations and new technologies for e-learning, while maintaining internationally accepted educational standards and ensuring a high level of productivity by using established development processes.
  • To cooperate with higher educational institutions to develop lessons for each course, using quality e-learning study programmes for formal education. To be efficient they will share educational and human resources.
  • To cooperate with state and private educational institutions, as well as e-learning experts, to develop informal courses as study guides and short certificated courses.
  • To create a mechanism to promote and support the dissemination of all knowledge, including advanced technologies and local knowledge in the form of non-formal e-learning.
  • To coordinate with relevant agencies, for the supervision and management of online learning, to ensure it meets quality standards.


  • 328 Sri-Ayutthaya Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400

  • Tel. +66(0)2-0395671-73


    e-Mail: iec-tcu@thaicyberu.go.th

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